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Size Reel



Ultralight and cutting edge design in one simple, reliable package. The Galvan Brookie is designed for today's 0-5 weight super light rods. We are all suckers for a tricked out drag design designed to stop a bus, but we know better and that a simple smooth tension is all that is needed. Galvan nailed it with the Brookie featuring the Galvan Tension System, a proprietary version of the traditional click-pawl drags. If a higher tension is desired simple adjust a small set screw before the day starts and you are good to go, smooth consistent tension all day long. Or more like, set it and forget it. This large arbor is sure to please the inner gear geek in all of us with it's sharp looks and reliable design. Less parts, less hassles, more fun with the Galvan Brookie.


  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Drag: Galvan Tension System (Proprietary version of the traditional click and pawl drag)
  • Spool: Large Arbor
  • Finish: Type 2 Anodize
  • Line Weights: 0-5
  • Species: Trout
  • Made in USA

Model Diameter Weight Line Weight Capacity
0-1 2.70 in 2.54 oz 0, 1 WF1 (30 yd 20#)
2-3 2.95 in 2.72 oz 2, 3 WF3 (30 yd 20#)
3-4 3.20 in 2.97 oz 3, 4 WF4 (50 yd 20#)
4-5 3.45 in 3.20 oz 4. 5 WF5 (80 yd 20#)


  • Manufacturer: Galvan
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