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Fly tiers wanting to further their knowledge and skills will appreciate what advantages tube flies have to offer. Skills learned from class can be applied to trout, steelhead, and even saltwater patterns.

Tube Fly Student burning his junction tubing.

Tube flies are tied on small diameter tubing which allows you to keep the fly and the hook separate. This allows the tier or angler more versatility and customizing by swapping hooks when one dulls or bends. Same thing if the fly gets damaged. Also, having the hook separate from the fly allows the angler better control of how the hook rides through the water.

The hook up to landing ratio is considerably higher because the hook generally rides near the back of the fly for short strikes and the fish have less leverage on the short shanked hooks typically used for tube flies.

Flies Covered Include

  1. Reverse Marabou Tube
  2. Articulated Tube Leech
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