Winter's Icy Grip Remains

Sean Visintainer - 02/19/19

Spokane River Redband Photo by Jesse Retan

Cool colors and cold toes

Winter just won't quit here around Spokane with it's icy grip firmly holding on across the region. For those that are brave enough to fish the bitter cold lately they are rewarded with some of the biggest, most vibrant Redbands of the year.

Mike, Kenyon, and good friend Jesse have all been playing in the snow the past weekend and all have found at least a fish, or two... or nine. It's pretty much a nymph game as of late. Euro nymphing or bobber lobbing. Euro nymphing detects the most subtle of takes, indicator fishing allows you to fish slow/deep water easier. Both have been successful.

What nymphs? It varies day-to-day. Some days just a plain old Pat's rubber leg, some days a hot bead version or a jig version. Double bead stones, hare's ear types of patterns, Blow Torch Jig, Pheasant Tails, etc.

The Spokane River is a fun watershed to experiment on. Since there isn't an abundance of aquatic insects native Redbands often are willing to sample some of the latest and greatest creations from you vise.

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Photo's provided by winter fishing fanatic Jesse Retan.

Spokane River Redband Photo by Jesse Retan
Spokane River Redband Photo by Jesse Retan
Spokane River Redband Photo by Jesse Retan