Winston Nexus Fly Rod - Made in Montana

Sean Visintainer - 08/26/14

Winston Nexus Fly Rod Closeup

New from Winston - The Nexus starting at $475

Winston's Nexus Fly Rods available at the Silver Bow Fly Shop!

The New Winston Nexus fly rods may just be one of the most surprising rods I have seen in quit awhile. At first glance / test wiggle I wasn't blown away with anything. However, once you cast the Winston Nexus it's a different story. The Nexus rod in your hand has a medium action feel with a slight weight in the tip, but when you put a line on it the rod tightens up and shows it's true self. The Winston Nexus is actually a faster action yet still retains that traditional Winston Rod feel and loads very nicely through the tip section and looses any sort of tip heaviness that you may have felt without a line on it. This rod will definitely be an addition to every Silver Bow employee guaranteed!

Call 509-924-9998 to order yours today.

No more off shore fly rods from RL Winston. The company goes back to its Montana roots making all their fly rods in the United States.

The Winston Nexus is Winston's revolutionary new light-all-graphite smooth action, premium 4-piece rod series. These new fantastic high performance deep-black colored fly rods redefine the high modulus all-graphite rod category with an innovative new fast action combining Winston's legendary ultra-smooth "Winston Action" with modern, fast tapers

The new Winston Nexus is a full series (3 weight through 12 weight) of exceptionally beautiful, smooth-casting "all-around" fly rods utilizing a new design to handle a range of conditions with faster tapers, especially though the lower half of the rod. They are a joy to cast, can generate added power when needed, and are made in Twin Bridges, Montana.

Winston Nexus Chrome nanolite striper guide and chrome plated snake guides.

Anodized silver aluminum with light amber wood insert on 3-6 wights.

Rods come with a matching deep-black aluminum rod tube with gold cap and collar.

Weight Length Price
4 wt 9' 0" $475
5 wt 9' 0" $485
5 wt 9' 6" $485
6 wt 9' 0" $485
6 wt 9' 6" $485

Call 509-924-9998 to order yours today. Winston Nexus Cork Grip.