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Kelby Braun - 02/08/17

Fly Fishing Gear.

Spokane Trout Spey Winter Edition

Working in a fly shop I often get asked for my gear opinion, or how I would do something. I know its in our nature as fishermen to be prepared for any fishing situation, but when I fish with friends for just a few hours they show up with way too much gear. If you are like me and fly fish the Spokane before, or after, work keep it simple and light. Simplifying what you take sometimes makes those quick outings that much easier and motivating. In this brief article I would like to explain what I take in my pack with me on my short Spokane River "trout spey" expeditions.

  1. Waterproof Hip Pack
    This in my opinion is the most important piece of equipment. It allows you to keep everything dry and protected without the worry of water. I use and older Simms Dry Creek series, which is a waterproof one, but I am looking to upgrade this season to the newer style.
  2. Nippers
    Wherever I fish I wear my nippers around my neck on a lanyard so I have easy access to them all day. My nippers of choice are the Hatch brand.
  3. Pliers
    Loon released a new pair of pliers called the Rogue Quickdraw that has a carabiner clip so you can attach them anywhere. Combined with built in cutters and flat tipped jaws they are perfect for any situation.
  4. Fly Boxes
    When fishing the Spokane I carry two fly boxes: one with soft hackles and nymphs, the other with small streamers. I like to use Tacky fly boxes because they use silicone for the insert which allows quick and easy fly access.
  5. Tippet
    My tippet of choice is Rio Fluoroflex Plus, with such clear water on the Spokane it’s the best option. I carry 2 spools of tippet: one is 2x for my bigger flies and the other is 4x for my soft hackles, and nymphs.
  6. Net
    I carry a wood net on a magnet lanyard that allows for easy landing and less fish handling. The rubber bag really helps with protecting the fish.
  7. Sink Tips
    I carry a small sink tip wallet with a few different tips depending on time of year, fly choice, and the water I will be fishing. The ones I carry are Airflo trout polyleader intermediate, OPST Riffle S 2-3, Run S 3-4, and Bucket S 5-6 in 96 grain.
  8. Athletic Tape
    This is one of the first things I pack on any fishing adventure because it can be used for injury, or for a quick fix.
  9. Beer
    Usually depends on what Bo has in the refrigerator for me after he leaves!

- Kelby Braun

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