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Sean Visintainer - 05/07/20

Fly fishing on one of eastern Washingtons many lowland lakes.

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With Washington State reopening fishing this week a big sigh of relief has come over the angling community. For now, it seems a little light at the end of a long tunnel for at least our particular world of fishing.

Washington has many opportunities for residents to fish, and the more you begin to study maps you'll realize the amount of blue dots and blue lines is bountiful. Start thinking outside of trout and you have even greater possibilities to catch fish. There are many places for carp, bass, walleye, and pike.

Here are a few possibilities to get you started:

Washington Lakes

  • Amber Lake
  • Medical Lake
  • West Medical Lake
  • Newman Lake
  • Liberty Lake
  • Badger Lake
  • Williams Lake
  • Cow Lake
  • Sprague Lake
  • Coffeepot Lake - Note this is currently closed for a couple weeks because of the campground being closed
  • Clear Lake
  • Silver Lake

Note about Washington Lakes: We literally have hundreds of lakes...

Washington Rivers

  • Yakima
  • Crab Creek
  • Colville River
  • Spokane River - Downstream of Nine Mile Falls Dam
  • Upper Columbia River
  • Grande Ronde River - Open for smallmouth bass fishing

Washington Rivers - Closed until Saturday of Memorial Day (May 23rd)

  • Spokane River - Upstream of Nine Mile Falls Damn to Idaho Stateline
  • Methow River
  • Kettle River
  • Naches River
  • Grande Ronde River: Trout fishing

Please refer to Washington Department of Fish and Game regulations for current info:

WDFW Info about fishing locations and what inhabits them. Click on the links to find out info on lowland and highland lakes: