Tying Tip: Adding Rubber Legs to Buggers

Sean Visintainer - 02/20/14

Big Bird Streamer Fly.

Add life and movement to your wooly buggers with some rubber legs. This is nothing new or ground breaking, but this will certainly speed up your time and effort when tying wooly buggers with rubber legs. My Big Bird Bugger has rubber legs in it as with many popular patterns like JJ Buggers, Yellow Yummies, Beldar Buggers, etc. This technique I show in the video will make working with rubber legs very easy.

Check out the YouTube Video below for a simple technique to tie in your rubber legs on streamer patterns or large nymphs.

Big Bird Streamer Fly.

*Note: Make sure to tie in chenille and hackle before tying in rubber legs. Once legs are tied in then wrap chenille and hackle up hook shank between legs.