Tying Quick Rubber Leg Tail and Antenna

Sean Visintainer - 02/25/14

Tying Quick Rubber Leg Tail and Antenna.

Continuing on my rubber leg kick I have another trick for you to speed up your tying production. This technique works great on flies that have both antenna and tails made out of rubber legs or similar products such as super floss. Pat's Rubber Legs or Girdle Bugs (awesome Spokane River flies) are perfect examples of this.

Girdle Bug Fly Pattern.

For this technique you just need one long piece of round rubber leg material or if you are using the rubber leg material that comes attached together you can simply pull 2 strands of rubber leg materials off from the rest leaving them attached together. Leaving them attached together also makes it super easy to tie in because they won't roll around on the hook shank when you tie them in.

Rubber Leg Fly Tying Material.

Have fun and hope this makes your rubber leg tying easier!