2 Best Holiday Gifts

Sean Visintainer - 12/11/18

Spokane River Fly Fishing

For the angler that has everything...

I'm sure you are getting blasted with holiday ads right now, I know we are. And I'm sure you are already sick of them. We try to keep the holiday content to a minimum, since you are probably checking out our site for fishing updates, tips, tricks, and other fishy business. Alas though, we do need to promote some holiday gift ideas since it is that time of the year.

Lots of shops have a "top holiday gift list" or something like that, we've done it, lots of retailers do it. It might work for some, doesn't work for us. Or the most infamous question of the month is... "My husband (or wife) has everything... what do you get the person that has everything?!" Well hell we don't know either! haha.

Here is what I do know though when it comes to fly anglers that have everything that I can GUARANTEE they will like...

1. Guided Fly Fishing Trip. The gift of fishing is the best gift on the planet for an angler in my opinion. A day where your beloved angler can go fishing, get rowed around, catch fish, and not have to worry about a thing. Since they have all the gear get them outside to use it!

Our Spokane River Guided trips are super popular for this kinda thing. Don't think the Spokane River is cool? You are sadly mistaken. I've fished over 110 rivers... the Spokane River is my favorite. It's uniqueness, scenery, level of "techyness", and of course the amazing native Redband trout.

We can set you up with a gift card for the trip and throw in a brochure so you have something to wrap under the tree.

Silver Bow Fly Shop Gift Card

2. Silver Bow Gift Card. I know what you thinking. But any angler will be excited to have "free" money to spend at the fly shop. They can get more tying materials, apply it to a bigger purchase, etc. Since you don't what they have, and we are not mind readers then this covers all the basis. Combine it with a Silver Bow hat or t-shirt, a box of flies... perfect! Call us if you can't make it in and we will send you one 509-924-9998.

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