Trout Creek Road Closed

Sean Visintainer - 08/10/17

North Fork of the Clearwater Idaho Fly Fishing.

Road Closure

If you were planning to head to the NF Clearwater or Kelly Creek via the Trout Creek Road think again. The nearby Sunrise Fire which was caused by a lightning strike in mid July has been creeping closer which in turn has led to evacuations and the closure of Trout Creek Road. As of today is sounds like the fire is only 20% contained. If you are interested in hitting Kelly Creek or the lower NF Clearwater you can drive in from Lewiston / Pierce Idaho. For Spokane area residents this is certainly quite a haul but is doable and currently an option still. Otherwise look elsewhere to rivers like the St. Joe, Spokane, Lochsa, Kootenai, Yakima, Clark Fork, Missouri etc.

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