Thomas and Thomas Avantt Rod

Sean Visintainer - 05/01/18

Smooth power never felt so good.

In the market for a new trout stick this spring? Come in and cast one of the highest rated trout rods on the planet, the Thomas & Thomas Avantt. This winter we picked up the Thomas & Thomas line and have been very impressed with the way these rods cast and fish. Usually when Bo, Wayne, or I have a spare moment at the shop we often grab a T&T Avantt and cast them just for the hell of it they are so fun.

5 Reasons why you should cast the Avantt from T&T

  • Effortless Casting - With a low swing weight and easy loading upper half, the Avantt feels feathlight in your hand for all-day casting comfort.
  • Tight loops - The Avantt is not only easy to load and feel, it drives a fast line speed to create beautiful and tight loops for improved power in the wind.
  • Any range, any time - The easy to load tip is perfect for the short range game, but when you need to unleash the fury the lower half the rod kicks in with the strength to make the hero shot.
  • On demand line management - Mend and manage your line on the water better with the Avantt's powerful and responsive action. Tricky currents, no problem.
  • Accurate - The Avantt does what you tell it to. Pick up, point, and fire away. T&T's Avantt responds to your command without hesitation.

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