Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods

Sean Visintainer - 12/22/17

Thomas and Thomas Fly Rod

The rod you will eventually own

We are excited to announce the addition of Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods at the Silver Bow Fly Shop. T&T for short, has been a respected rod maker in the industry since 1969 making rods in Pennsylvania from bamboo. In the 70's they were one of the first to construct rods from graphite and have been creating some of the more innovative and refined rods on the planet. Now located in Massachusetts under newer ownership, they are still guided by the founder and strive to create the world's finest fly rods.

Thomas and Thomas fly rods may not be quite the same household name on the west coast as lets say Sage or G.Loomis, but it's safe to say they are easily one of the top companies in the industry and one of the hottest on the market right now. What especially has a lot of buzz and what really got us looking at them is their new Avantt and Exocett series of rods. These two highly rated rods have been at the top of many shoot outs and represent both the fresh and saltwater markets.

We were fortunate enough to cast and fish various rods and really fell in love with the Avantt for it's effortless casting, precision, light swing weight, and a crisp action. Some of the most sought after traits in all fly rods can be found in just this one series. The Exocett line up is focused on the saltwater market and from our experience with them seems to have excellent qualities that we look for in saltwater style fly rods; the ability to punch flies into the wind and yet load in close for the all-too-common surprise, short range shots.

This spring we will have some more sticks rolling in, but for now have a few of the most popular ones for your casting pleasure. If you are in the neighborhood and don't mind a little cold weather lawn casting swing by and give one a try. Like Thomas and Thomas' slogan says... it's the rod you will eventually own.

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