Thanks For Attending!

Sean Visintainer - 01/08/20

International Fly Fishing Film Festival - Spokane Washington

Another great show, thank you!

Thanks to everyone that came out for our annual International Fly Fishing Film Tour! We greatly appreciate your attendance and hope you enjoyed the show! Without your support we would not be able to bring the IF4 to Spokane. We had one of our biggest crowds and the films were definitely the best we have ever shown!

We had a few inquiries as to why there weren't any raffles for a fundraising cause last night. The reason was because there were not any conservation or access projects in the immediate pipeline that required fundraising. In years past we had either created projects or were asked to assist in raising money to help finalize or fund projects for organizations like Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited or Spokane River Forum. While there will be projects down the road that need attention, this year didn't have anything pressing. When we have identified a project for fundraising we of course will lend a hand to raise a few bucks. This year was just about the show and having a good time with like minded people.

If you missed out on the International Fly Films don't worry, we will be posting information shortly about the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) coming to Spokane later this month.

Thanks again for your support, great show!

The 2020 Fly Fishing Film Festival in Spokane, Washington at the Bing Crosby Theater.