10 Questions with Parker

Sean Visintainer - 08/06/19

Shop intern Parker L. dubbed 'Head Toilet Bowl Scrubber' at the Silver Bow in Spokane.

Fly shop life

Welcome Parker Leonard to the Silver Bow Fly Shop. Young Parker has been visiting the shop since he was just a newborn, his parents bringing him in when they grabbed supplies for yearly fishing adventures. Over those years Parker has developed a love for fly fishing just like his mother and father and has traveled all over the region in search of bass, trout, and other finned friends. His family regularly visits the Yellowstone Park area and fishes the surrounding lakes and streams for cutthroat and goldens as well as local fisheries like Coffeepot for bass.

Parker currently would like a career in the fly fishing community and what better way to start than at a fly shop. Over the next few weeks before school he will job shadow the team at Silver Bow in hopes to pick up some new skills and knowledge so one day he too can work in the fishing industry.

Next time you are in the shop and see Parker, say hello and welcome him to the team!

We sat down with Parker and asked him 10 questions to help get to know him better below.

  1. Favorite Place (or body of water) to fly fish?
    Coffeepot Lake.

  2. Favorite Species to catch on the fly?
    Largemouth bass.

  3. Most memorable fish?
    My Golden Trout in Wyoming.

  4. Where did you learn to fly fish and at what age?
    Beartooth Mountains in Wyoming when I was four.

  5. Preferred method of fly fishing? Dry - Nymph - Streamer
    I prefer to dry fly fish, sometimes with a dropper.

  6. When you are not fishing what are your other hobbies?
    Trap shooting and basketball.

  7. If you could fish for any species, in any place in the world, where would you go?
    I would go to the Oregon coast and fish for tuna.

  8. What would you like to learn from job shadowing at the Silver Bow?
    The in's and out of the fly shop and learn more about fishing. Also gain more experience.

  9. What is your goal after you graduate high school?
    To go fishing! I am not sure, I have to learn more about what I want to do for a living.

  10. Your parents have been bringing you into the shop since you were a newborn, now that you are the "Head Toilet Bowl Scrubber" at the Silver Bow how does that make you feel?
    Pretty good. Surprised you guys have not charged my family rent yet.

A solid Coffeepot Lake, Washington largemouth bass for Parker L.
A nice cutthroat trout for Parker L.
Parker L. with a Beartooth Mountain Range golden trout.
Parker L. with a nice Grande Ronde River smallmouth bass.
Parker from the Silver Bow with a nice bass.