Sunshine and Hoppers

Sean Visintainer - 07/31/17

Kelly Creek, Idaho

Nothing like some Vitamin D and fishing to cure your illness.

Plenty of vitamin D this summer, that's for sure. With hardly a rain cloud in the sky the transition into the dog days of summer seems a little faster than years past. That's okay though, we will soak it all in while we can. Nice weather and decent water means plenty of anglers out fishing. This is traditionally peak vacation / travel time for most folks and yes rivers are busy. Busy for our area though is not nearly as busy as other parts of the west, or back east. We have plenty of small stream options, harder to access runs, hike in stretches, and one hell of a variety of destinations to keep anyone satisfied with their own slice of the pie.

What's the latest in fishing reports? Well like most summers morning hours are going to be the best times for success. Some rivers like the Clark Fork and Spokane River will fish very early in the morning... like sun up. Rivers in the Panhandle tend to wake up around 7:30 or 8am and fish until noon or 1pm. Evenings can be okay. Myself and the Silver Bow crew have been hitting the Spokane after work a little and have had great success the last hour of daylight on foam dries, soft hackles, and nymph rigs.

Hopper fishing is ramping up. We have had good hopper fishing on most of the rivers which should continue to improve over the next couple weeks. While the hopper-dropper rigs are popular with us and most anglers we have sometimes just ditched the dropper if the big foam dry has been working better. We have a TON of hoppers in stock if you need a few before your next outing.

New fall fly gear will start to trickle in over the next couple months so keep an eye out on the website and in the store for new rods from Sage, Scott, Winston and gear bags from Fishpond and Simms. Hatch Reels is rolling out some updates to their exceptionally popular Finatic Reel so while supplies last we have our current inventory at 20% Off.

Thanks for your support and see you in the shop!

- Sean Visintainer