Summertime Fishing Videos

Michael Visintainer - 07/19/19

Riffle water on the St. Joe River, Idaho.

Find the right water, fish it correctly, catch more fish.

A couple techniques videos from the old video vault. A number of years ago we did some videos on summertime techniques, these two videos in particular discuss some pointers for fishing riffle water and fast current seams.

As rivers heat up and shift into full summer mode, faster, more oxygenated water is and will be the prime location for finding trout. Riffles and fast current seams provide the oxygen, security, and insect life that trout need. While the deep, dark pools will always hold some fish, anglers that focus on these faster slots and riffles will ultimately find more trout.

In these videos we discuss some mending techniques to help you get better drifts in this type of water. Check 'em out and happy summer fishing!