Summer Shift

Sean Visintainer - 08/18/17

Jen with a Spokane Redband Trout.

A comfortable outlook

Last Sunday was completely different than the previous 40+ days. We had rain and cloud cover. Holy crap! What a relief. The smoke blew out of the Spokane region, temps cooled, fish were happy. Jen and I fished mid day on the upper Spokane. No tubers, plenty of fish action, comfortable temps.

Is this a trend for the rest of the summer? I hope so. I typically don't look into the weather too much. Can't control it, so I just deal with the cards we are dealt. That's why the invented sunscreen, Buffs, Gore-Tex, waders, and sandals... dress accordingly and make the best of it. Currently temps don't look too scorching and some days we might even have a couple clouds in the sky with the sun. Weird I know.

Fishing reports so far this week from our guides and fishing friends seem to be more optimistic. More active fish, good dry fly fishing, cooler water temps, less crowds, less tubers. A little more positive now. As I write this a friend dropped in the shop and said the St. Joe was good for him yesterday while floating, said he even had to wear a fleece jacket in the morning cuz it was 46 degrees when he launched.

I believe last Sunday's weather change brought the shift we needed to finish the summer nicely and keep anglers smiling. Sure we will get some hotter days, some smokey days, but the nights are getting slightly longer and fall is around the bend. That right there is enough for me to keep an optimistic outlook and continue fishing, as if I needed an excuse...