Streams or Stillwater in the Spring

Sean Visintainer - 04/26/18

There is always somewhere to fish

Spring for river anglers is a double edge sword. On one hand fishing is ramping up after a long winter. Hatches are strong, fish are hungry, optimism is high. The other side of that is, as temps and fishing heat up, the impending doom of runoff is near and river fishing opportunities will diminish more often than not with spring runoff. The bright side is though snowpack is way above average and our prolonged warm-up this year will keep it in the mountains for what should be an incredible summer of stream fishing around the northwest.

Now if you are a lake angler, spring is not a double edge sword. As lakes thaw fish go on the feed and spring is the peak-of-the-peak seasons. No worries about runoff, lakes are the constant fisheries around here that will always be there for your fishing fix, that is, unless the wind is blowing. lol :) If you haven't met our resident lake expert, Wayne Jordan, please swing by an introduce yourself to him. Whether you are a long time stillwater fly angler, or just "stillwater curious" Wayne is an extremely valuable resource for all of us. He may not give you all of his secret lake locations, but I bet he is willing to help you improve your lake fishing success!

Remember, there is always somewhere to fish at any point in the year around here. It may not be your favorite local haunt, but a little exploring this time of the year just might lead you to a new favorite.

Whether you shop with us in the store, or online, we are here to help you along your fly fishing journey. Happy spring fishing and we hope to hear from you soon!