St. Joe Fishing Report

Sean Visintainer - 07/20/18

Cutthroat Trout

Field notes from Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan from the shop recently snuck away for a day outing on the St. Joe. Leaving early to avoid the afternoon heat is key right now so take note of what time Wayne left Spokane! Fishing was very good he reported from down to higher up. More anglers were higher up which is to be expected this time of the year. Also note, lower river temps are safe in the morning but may exceed the threshold for trout as the afternoon progresses. If water temps start to approach 70 down there call it quits for the day or head further up. No issues with water temps higher you go. Get out there while it's good still! And don't forget your terrestrials... it's that time of the year.

Wayne Jordan reports:

Left bright and early from Spokane (4:00 AM) and headed up the Joe yesterday morning to beat the heat. My first stop was at the 16 mile bridge to check the water temp (65 degrees at 6:00 AM). From there I stopped and fished a couple spots between Calder and Huckleberry Flat Campground. Fish were rising, ready, and willing to take PMD's in this stretch.

I continued my trek up the river and stopped to fish a few more spots between Avery and Gold Creek before calling it day around 1:00. Size 8-10 golden stones and foam bugs, along with size 14 ant patterns all took fish throughout this stretch. Focus your attention to deeper slots and buckets as the sun gets on the water. Dropping a nymph off your foam bug would also be a good idea if you're going to fish during the mid-day heat.

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