Sticking It To Ya

Sean Visintainer - 07/26/19

Silver Bow Fly Shop Stickers

Seeing the love

First off... IT'S JULY GO FISHING! We are over halfway through the year, best get to it! I don't know what else to tell you. How's everything fishing? Well pretty fricking good for July really. Other than tuber hell on the lower / mid Coeur d'Alene you should go find some water to fish. Busy places like that just go early or stay late, or deal with the shit show. I hate tubers.

Second... I love seeing Silver Bow stickers out there in the world! Really appreciate the love! Was downtown last week eating at Cochinito, my favorite taco place in Spokane fyi, and pulled up behind a rig rocking a Silver Bow sticker... stoked! Driving down the freeway the other day... saw another! I see them randomly, always catches my eye and always puts a smile on my face. Lots of the older logos out there, but starting to see some of the newer ones on the scene. Pretty cool folks are willing to slap our logo on their vehicles. Deeply appreciate it.

We got a fresh batch in now with two different sized "S" Logo ones our new logo. Also have some of the Fish Access stickers which was a temporary graphic we did, and brought back the Mtn Dew Logo we did on a Hooks and Hops customer appreciation event shirt. Yes, I USED to drink a lot of Mtn Dew, that shit was addicting. I kicked that habit a couple year ago though luckily. Now I have more gas money lol.

Have a great Friday, swing by if you need a sticker or get one online! I'll keep my eyes peeled for them out there on the streets!