Spring Green on the CDA

Sean Visintainer - 06/11/20

North Idaho Cutthroat Trout

Spring Green

Late May and June is primetime on the Coeur d'Alene River for many eastern Washington and North Idaho anglers. River levels are on the drop, hatches are at the peak, wildflowers and vibrant greens make up the landscape.

I will admit, fishing has not been my priority the past few months. Many other things have taken precedence over the weekly fishing. COVID, business, health and safety of staff / loved ones, home projects, personal projects, the list is long this spring. As we strive to find some normal routine again and integrate back to weekly fishing excursions Mike and I took the opportunity to go for our first float up on the Coeur d'Alene River.

We recently acquired the new(ish) Outcast Striker 2 man raft and wanted to take it for a spin. I'm going to save the details and thoughts for another post directly related to the boat, but it was sure nice to pull on the oars again and feel the fly line zip through the fingers.

For those that have fished the Coeur d'Alene River system over the years know that by the time mid-late May hits and into June the fishing really kicks on. We love the "pre-runoff" opportunity in on the north Idaho rivers, but May and June are really the premier months up there.

Afternoon hatches of pmd's, drakes, yellow sallies, and a few goldens brought fish to the surface. During any lulls the euro rig usually found a fish (or two, or three) without a problem. The best dry fly action was in the second half of the day, but really you could fish all day if you want, just bring some tungsten patterns and you can drum up fish at anytime.

It was so great to be outside, I highly recommend it right now!


Yellow Sallie