Steelhead Science for Anglers

Sean Visintainer - 05/08/16

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Wild Steelheaders United / Trout Unlimited

It's not every day you get to learn more about steelhead science in two hours than you have learned your whole life. But this is the goal of our Steelhead Science presentations. We will spend the evening reviewing and highlighting the science regarding steelhead and the implications of that science for management, recovery and angling opportunity. The theme focuses on the diversity of steelhead and will cover a range of issues that many anglers have long been interested in. For instance, do you know why steelhead are unique compared to salmon? Do you know why one fish becomes a rainbow trout and another a steelhead? Do you know how hatcheries influence the diversity and what that means for wild and hatchery steelhead? Are there examples of steelhead recovery, and why did those populations rebound? We will cover these topics, and more, before delving into potential solutions that anglers will need to embrace and promulgate if we are serious about securing the future of our steelhead fisheries. The presentation will be followed by question-and- answer from the audience. We believe anglers will leave the presentation with a better understanding of steelhead science and how that science can be used to manage our fisheries.


  1. 6:00 - Opening Remarks and short presentation on TU’s Wild Steelhead Initiative
  2. 6:30 - Steelhead: Diversity in Biology – What makes steelhead unique among salmon and how does it help them survive?
  3. 7:00 - Understanding Steelhead and Hatcheries – Are there any wild steelhead left, and if so, how can we adapt hatchery practices to secure their future?
  4. 7:30 - Break
  5. 7:40 - Steelhead and Habitat – What type of habitat restoration do they need, and how it depends on life histories.
  6. 8:00 - State of the Science – What new science is out there, and what does it mean to steelhead and anglers?
  7. 8:20 - Populations of Hope – Identifying steelhead populations that are rebounding and why.
  8. 8:45 - Questions