Spokane River Opener

Sean Visintainer - 05/30/18

Spokane River Redband

High water and salmonflies?

Friday June 1st is the long anticipated opener for the lower Spokane River. This year's runoff will make for a different scene on opening day versus the last few years. We will actually have some water! The big question is... will it be fishable? Yes, by all means. It's just a matter how creative you are at finding the right water. Lazy? Probably won't do that well. Adventurous? Probably will do just fine. Will it be challenging? Yes. Could you crush some fish? Odds are decent.

Now, for those that do NOT like to read regulations. There is a difference in when the Spokane River sections open. The Upper Spokane, which is everything from Upriver Dam to the Stateline (think Spokane Valley) will open the first Saturday of June. Luckily this year that just happens to be the very next day after the lower opens so June 2nd you can fish the upper river.

What's going to be on the menu? Well there has been a fair number of salmonflies that have hatched on the lower Spokane the last week or so. Yes, I did say salmonflies. They once used to be prolific on our river. They seem to be making a comeback. Wayne said he was down hiking the river last weekend and grabbed a live one from the brush and tossed it in the river and instantly a redband came up and crushed it off the surface. Kinda makes you hmmmmmm. I bet you can throw a salmonfly right out the gate opening week and get some eats. I've done it in the past on high water years and plan on doing it this season.

The main bug on the menu will of course be the caddis. One of the most prolific and noteworthy hatches on the Spokane, whether it be the lower, middle, or upper. Typically the old double nymph combo of the pat's rubber leg / caddis pupa will get the job done right out of the gate. Caddis start to hatch the 3rd week of May on average and extend through the summer and fall. The best hatches occurring now through June during the high water.

Be safe, have fun, and of course call us if you would like a guided trip on the river or just need some bugs to give it a shot on your own. Silver Bow is your headquarters for all things Spokane River.