Spokane Dry Fly Video Clip

Sean Visintainer - 08/07/17

Dry Fly Fishing for Cutthoat

The dry fly game

Most folks don't associate the Spokane River with excellent dry fly action. Most of the time they are right. The Spokane doesn't have the multitude of hatches, nor the quantity of insects that other fisheries have. It's mainly caddis and midges. There are some other hatches.... skwallas, salmonflies, bwo's, tricos and pmd mayflies. Just not a lot of those insects when they do hatch. Outside of caddis and midges the best "other" hatch I've seen on the river to really get fish up feeding is the blue winged olives during both spring and fall.

I'm a dry fly fan on the Spokane. I think persistence with the dry flies pays off dividends. Many anglers try dries for a few mins, don't raise anything, and then give up all hope and go back to nymphing or swinging wet flies and streamers. Having spent a lot of time on the river over the last decade those are ultimately the best tactics.

A number of years back I decided to go against the flow of classic Spokane and fish dry flies almost exclusively. Large chubby chernobyls, foam hoppers, purple haze parachutes, mega beetles, ants, adult caddis, etc. You know what? Fish ate them! I shit you not. They are trout remember, not a mythical species of non-dry-fly-eating-finned-super animals.

Don't believe me? Watch this short video I slapped together from some footage I had on my phone.

Fish the dry. Believe in the dry. Be the dry.