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Sean Visintainer - 04/30/18

Paul Lindholt: The Spokane River

111 miles of urban, rural, and wild

For many Spokane residents the river connects us with the outdoors right here within city limits. Something many cities cannot say and we are fortunate to have this wilderness gem in our backyard. The Spokane River for thousands of years was the home to indigenous people for trading, trapping, food, survival, and gathering. A unique and bountiful waterway for humans, fish, and wildlife. Numerous decades of neglect and industrial influence degraded the quality of the Spokane, however, recent years have seen a change in improving the quality of the river and now the needle is pointing in the right direction.

My friend Bob Bartlett was a recent contributor of a book project collecting stories, poems, history, and thoughts about the Spokane. The book titled The Spokane River, edited by Paul Lindholdt, is a collection of different perspectives and studies revolving around the Spokane. Bob is one of them who shares his love of moving water and the Spokane through his eyes as a fly fisherman of the river.

Bob was also kind enough to sit down with me a couple winters ago in the beginning of the project and include some insights from myself about our personal and commercial use of the river, I am honored to apart of their project. Even our famed trout friend "Frank the Tank" made his debut in print. Other essays from local river heroes Jerry White, Rick Eichstaedt, Bart Mihaillovich and many more who are deeply involved in the protection of our river can be found in the book.

A must read for anyone interested in the history of the Spokane River. All royalties from the book will be donated to the Spokane Riverkeeper

If you are interested in a copy of the book Aunties Bookstore downtown has them available in-store or online:

Book reading this Thursday:

Paul Lindholt: The Spokane River - Bob Bartlett: Two Fly-Fishing Love Stories
Paul Lindholt: The Spokane River - Sean Visintainer