Special Orders

Sean Visintainer - 05/30/19

Tibor Fly Reels

Looking for something we don't stock? Just ask!

Many of you know already, but we do special orders all the time for equipment that we don't carry, or have in stock. While we carry a ton of gear currently there is always something out there we don't have and we are more than happy to get it for you. Since the selection of gear from manufacturers is so vast now, it's impossible for any one shop to stock it all.

Often we will get request for a particular model of rod we don't stock or custom reel colors, etc. We have access to just about every manufacturer out there so if we don't have it, just ask and we shall see if we can get it!

We also do custom fly orders. Our man Bob Newman is a tying commercial tying wizard and can reproduce pretty much every pattern out there. There are some minimums when it comes to custom flies, but they are pretty friendly and easy to swallow.

We order from most of our major manufacturers weekly and at the least every other week so if your order is small we can add it to one of ours. Typically the shipping to the shop will be free, unless it's something large like a raft, oars, etc then we will work out a fair price.

So if you don't see your size, specific model of rod, line, color of reel, or whatever it may be... just ask! We will always do our best to get what you are looking for!

Custom Tibor Reels for saltwater fly fishing rigged and ready in Spokane Washington