Simms Bootfoots Are Back!

Sean Visintainer - 11/21/13

Simms Bootfoot Waders.

Cold feet keeping you from fishing?

Simms G3 Bootfoot™ waders are back in limited quantaties after being discontinued from their wader product line a handful of years ago. Bootfoots keep your feet warmer than standard stockingfoot waders because they trap air between your foot and the boot, keeping icy water away from your feet. Plus with added insulation in the boot, you owe it to your chilly feet to treat them to warmer days on the water.

Unlike in years past, you can not add the "Bootfoot" to just any of the Simms waders. Currently the Bootfoot option is only for the G3 Wader in select wader and boot combinations. The Simms G3 waders are one of the most popular waders in their line up for good reason. They are 5 layer ProShell Gore-Tex, have better leg articulation, handwarmer pockets, belt loops, flip out tippet pocket, etc. G3 Waders are the choice of more guides than any other!

The Simms G3 Bootfoot™ Wader is offered with Vibram Soles and Felt Soles. The Vibram soles are currently more readily available and shipping. Felt soles will be available in December. If you are interested in these waders don't wait! We are currently already taking pre-orders, the waders are available on a first come first serve basis.

Call to pre-order now! 509-924-9998

Simms Bootfoot Waders Features.