7 Days A Week

Sean Visintainer - 05/18/20

Fly fishing on the Upper Columbia River in Washington.

7 days of fish service, call 509-924-9998

What a bit of relief to have Washington and Idaho reopen fishing this past week. I know many of you were able to find water to drown a fly in and feel some sense of normalcy.

With fishing opportunities starting to rebound I wanted to let everyone know that we are now available 7 days a week for phone and curbside business. Of course with plenty of sanitation and social distancing!

Since the world and the places we love to visit seem to be changing rapidly these days it's just best to call us for the latest updates on operations. 509-924-9998.

We have been a new kind of "steady" assisting customers and have even brought some crew members back to help out with operations. Normal "steady" would look a bit different if COVID and business restrictions weren't a thing, however, I am super grateful for those that have reached out to support us during these past weeks. It has been a tremendous help to say these least.

We are fairly stocked with the inventory still and while we may be temporarily out of some items, we will do our best to get product back in. Due note that fishing supply chains have also been disrupted and certain manufacturers are still shutdown. Special orders and repairs are going to take longer than normal as well, or may not be possible. It's just the current state of affairs and everything is out of our control, hopefully by the summer those categories will resume to normal.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your continued great business, we could not have made it through these challenging times without you.

Sean Visintainer