On the Fly Rod Holder

Sean Visintainer - 12/22/20

Selkirk Design On The Fly Rod - Fly Rod Holder is a clever, compact design rod holder that securely magnets to your vehicle.

Keep it simple and secure

Local product developer Jerrald Barsten of Selkirk Designs in Spokane came up with a clever fly rod holder that we think you may find pretty useful.

All fly anglers go through the same struggles after rigging their fly rods... how to transport them to your next spot, or where to prop them up when not using them. Jerrald answered both of these problems with one, ultra compact, and very creative fly rod holder called "On The Fly - Fly Rod Holder".

The concept is simple, two pieces that when separated, create the base and the top of a fly rod holder that is magnetic, giving you the ability to attach to numerous areas of your vehicle. So whether you are driving, or parked at camp, your fly rod is securely fastened to your rig out of harm's way. When not in use the On The Fly Rod Holder connects together and is roughly the size of a tennis ball, pretty genius!

The best part... it's only $20!

The On The Fly Rod Holder is limited to one rod at a time, however, at the price it's pretty affordable to grab an extra for a friend or if you have multiple rods set up.

If you need a last minute stocking stuffer this item is perfect that I'm sure every fly fisher could use!

In-stock at the Silver Bow or you can check them out at Selkirk Design's Website.

On The Fly - Fly Rod Holder by Selkirk Design is simple, yet well thought out for transporting your fly rod between fishing spots.
Four main ways to transport or hold your fly rod. NOTE: Do not exceed 30 mph and use cautiously if side mounting on bumpy roads.
On The Fly Rod Holder also works great when parked to keep your fly rods out of the way and upright.