SA Smooth Infinity Review

Sean Visintainer - 07/06/18

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line

To infinity and beyond!

Scientific Anglers recently released a new premium line series called the Amplitude Smooth. Many folks have been a fan of the "textured" series of lines, in particular the latest one called Amplitude. The early versions of these lines were called Sharkskin and while they floated like a cork, many complained about the feel in hand, as well as the zippy noise they created. Later came the "Textured" series which was a more muted version of Sharkskin (as well as Sharkwave) which performed almost as equal as the premium versions with it's more golf ball like dimpling rather than fish scale like texture.

The latest series of texture lines called Amplitude combines attributes of Sharkskin, Sharkwave, Textured, and regular Mastery series into one premium smokin' hot line with the most advanced coatings called AST Plus. AST Plus floats, shoots, and last longer than any other coating we have seen yet. It is as they say "slickness down to a science".

So now we bring you the latest of the latest... Amplitude Smooth. Featuring the latest in line coatings, AST Plus, but without the texture. Why? Because there are still a fair amount of folks out there that don't want any texture on their line, even though the Amplitude series is highly refined and absolutely incredible. So, now you can have the premium coating... minus any noise and "zip" going through the guides.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line
Camo - Bamboo / Buckskin / Dark Willow

We were sent some samples awhile back and have been fishing it on all the local rivers. The version we were sent was the Smooth Infinity which is actually a new taper for Scientific Anglers only release in the Amplitude Smooth line-up.

A few noteworthy observations from fishing the Scientific Amplitude Smooth Infinity:

  • Shoots very, very well with the AST Plus coating. While not as fast as the regular textured Amplitude series, pretty darn good.
  • Floats very well... even the tip section! No complaints here.
  • No noise! I actually never minded the zippy noise from textured line but to each their own.
  • The Smooth Infinity taper is a direct competitor to the Rio Gold. If you like the Rio Gold, you will love the SA Smooth Infinity.
  • A good "versatile" taper. While not as much punch like the MPX taper for larger stones, bobbers, etc. The Smooth Infinity will do good work of most average flies. Love to throw big chubbies, salmonflies, streamers? Pick a different line. Like to throw average patterns? Occasionally need to do some nymphing, sure thing.
  • I fished it primarily on a Sage X and Winston Boron Plus 5wt. Cast very well on both. Jacks laser beams on the Sage X and mayfly/caddis patterns.
  • Offered in two colors. A brighter choice most of us will choose so we can see what's happening on the surface, and a more neutral color for stealth. My philosophy... if the fish can see your line... you just cast over the top of them. Nuff said.
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line