Flats Fishing From a Skiff

Sean Visintainer - 01/05/19

Saltwater Flats Fishing From a Skiff

A little prep work goes a long ways to success

For those lucky anglers that are headed to tropical climates for some flats fishing odds are you will find yourself in the front of a flats skiff. Whether you are new to fishing from a skiff, or a seasoned angler, this video will give you a few tips and/or refreshers for your next salty adventure. Line management begins on the deck of the boat, not when the fly is in the water. Start off on the right foot, and up your odds at making every cast count.

Check out this short video our longtime friend, tackle rep ( Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods, Galvan Reels, Fly Water Travel ), and travel specialist Jon Covich put together during one of his many excursions to Cuba.

For additional pointers check out a past blog we did about boat line management: