Sales Team Fishing Day

Sean Visintainer - 11/05/18

Bo, Sean, Kenyon and Wayne of the Silver Bow Fly Shop

Gone Fishing

We apologize if you swung by or called the Silver Bow yesterday, but we decided to close down for the day and get the shop team out for an outing on the Spokane River. Sometimes it's more important that we get out and fish rather than make a few bucks. Otherwise why be in the business right?!

Despite blustery conditions we made the best of it on the Spokane River. Fishing started off pretty well with Streamer Stan (aka Iron Mike, aka Mike Visintainer) picking off some very nice Spokane River fish with streamers right off the bat. The streamer bite had been pretty lame the past month so it was nice to see it pick back up a little bit, probably due to more flow in the river now.

Nymphing always finds fish in the Spokane, especially with a stonefly / attractor (or caddis pupa) kinda combo. Kenyon and Wayne were also into fish early on with these rigs and later in the day Mike switched out from streamer to the Euro nymphing rig and kept the action going. Euro nymphing from a boat is an effective method, though very challenging in the wind. Indicator tactics are more user friendly when the wind is gusting.

Bo was on the streamer kick too and said black was his top producer. Usually there is still some level of bwo activity even into November, and while some bugs were out, there were zero risers yesterday. Not sure why, could been the changing weather but unfortunately no dry fly action yesterday.

All-in-all a good day for the sales team to be out on the water especially for November!