Sage ONE Closeout

Sean Visintainer - 06/28/16

Sage ONE Fly Rod Closeout.

ONE rod to rule them all

As with all great things, the time has come for the Sage ONE to be replaced. The Sage ONE has been an incredible rod for those that demand high performance equipment. Sage ONE rods deliver high line speeds with the utmost in accuracy with their Konnetic technology which in a nutshell helps the rod track straighter no matter the caster.

Sage ONE rods are lightweight and faster actions. While they are faster actions than many other rods out there, the ONE rods are fairly easy to load at most ranges and will certainly out perform most rods at mid to long range cast. I was a late adopter to this particular rod and after purchasing a 5 and 6wt model I wish I would have bought the ONE when it first hit the showroom floor.

The rod replacing the Sage ONE is called the Sage X, the tenth major rod launch in Sage history. More info about the Sage X shortly after we get our hands on them.

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