New Arrivals Sage Igniter

Sean Visintainer - 08/10/18

A technical fly rod for technically demanding conditions

It's the time of the year we start to see a few new items trickle in the shop. A noteworthy item from the folks at Sage is the new Igniter fly rod.

As with all advances in technology, the latest and greatest eventually gets rolled out to more rods in the lineup. For Sage the next rod series to get the revamp was the Method, a sharp shooter, fast action bug slinger. The new champion of fast action rods to replace the Method is the ultra sleek Igniter series. Featuring the latest KonneticHD Technology® that was unveiled in the Sage X series, the Sage Igniter is a more refined version of the Method.

Without getting technical and "geeked out" on jargon, or technology marketing talk the Sage Igniter compared to the Sage Method will feel a touch lighter in swing weight, load a little smoother, and will lay down a fly with a little more accuracy. The upper third of the rod loads incredibly smooth, like nothing you've ever felt and recovers equally as smooth. It's quite remarkable.

Is the Sage Igniter for any caster? No. This rod series (TCX, TCR, Method, etc) has always been touted as a "caster's" rod lineup. Blazing fast line speeds, distance, sink-tips, wind, etc... all things that call for speed and power. The Igniter is no exception, it just does it a hell of a lot smoother than the others.

If this all sounds like your cup of tea then give the Sage Igniter a test cast. We have a few trout models in-stock that we felt are must haves. The big winner for between the 4, 5, and 6wt so far has been the 6wt with fighting butt. For streamers or big dries this is one light and fast rod that should handle anything you throw at it. The 4wt has also been a shop favorite so far. A technical dry fly rod for pinpoint accurate cast.

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