Road Trip Yellowstone National Park

Sean Visintainer - 07/27/18

Yellowstone Cutthroat

Go for the fishing, stay for the scenery

Mike and I decided to bust out of town for a quick four day road trip to Yellowstone National Park. I have visited Yellowstone a number of times of the years, but only in the fall time frame, never in the peak of tourist season. Mike on the other hand had never been, so it was set that we needed to check that one off his list.

Prior to leaving I had told Mike we are going with the mindset that fishing is secondary and the experience of Yellowstone Park was the main reason for visiting. Yellowstone sees an incredible amount of anglers and finding water that hasn't been touched already that day requires one to do some exploring and venturing off the beaten path. Four days is hardly enough time to see all of the sights and go hiking deep into the backcountry so we opted for hitting more well known water.

For never going during peak travel season I was actually quite surprised by the lack of pressure and while some water was already getting picked at by anglers we had a fair amount of runs to choose from. Also, if you were willing to run a nymph rig through the water your odds went up for finding untouched fish.

Overall a great trip exploring familiar water and checking out new water. I believe we covered nine rivers in the four days of traveling, which means we would only hit a river for a few runs, or hours, and then move on to sightseeing, or another piece of water. Many hours of window time, some unreal scenery, and a place that is very special that should be on anyone's list to visit at least once.