How To Rig Tube Flies

Sean Visintainer - 12/31/14

Tube Fly Rigging Instructional Video.

2 Simple techniques for rigging tube patterns

Tube flies are often intimidating for anglers to rig because it involves a couple extra steps compared to just tying on your fly. In this video I demonstrate two different ways to rig the hook on tube patterns.

The first segment of the video discusses a very basic way to rig a hook in a tube. For many tube flies the end of the tube is close to the end of the materials. Simply slide your leader or tippet through the tube, tie on a straight eye hook, then pull the eye of the hook into to the junction tubing... done!

In the second segment I cover how to rig the hook using a loop knot. This way of rigging the tube fly allows the hook to be positioned further back on the fly to help eliminate short strikes when fishing flies with long materials.