Pre-Runoff Walk and Wade Tactics North Idaho Streams - Part 2

Sean Visintainer - 04/22/14

Pre-Runoff Walk and Wade Tactics North Idaho Streams - Part 2

High Water Tips for Idaho

In addition to the back eddies and "soft pockets" we discussed earlier in the Part 1 of Walk / Wade Tactics on North Idaho Streams, another good area to focus your efforts are side channels. As river levels rise during the spring months, side channels provide relief from the main river channel. During the summer months these sides are all but dried up, however, March and April they are usually some of the fishiest spot with good current flows.

The second part of the video below I discuss some tips for reading river gauges and what to expect as flows rise or fall. I also, point out prediction flow graphs to help forecast your next fishing excursion.

ONE MAJOR POINT to remember though as I discuss river flows in the video... DO NOT LIVE AND DIE by the river gauge!!!! I see this all too often in the shop... these cutthroat fisheries can fish VERY well on a rising river... don't let that keep you home. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Check out Part 2 of the Walk and Wade Tactics on North Idaho Streams below and let us know how your spring fishing goes... we love reports!