Post Labor Day Thoughts

Sean Visintainer - 09/09/17

Michael Visintainer Bowl and Pitcher Spokane River Fishing

Make those hook-sets count...

What a past few weeks we are having with all the smoke and fires. We are crossing our fingers for some rain soon. Fires and smoke conditions have really put a damper on peoples fishing all across the west this summer. With as many fires as there are in Montana folks are not traveling through Spokane as much and even our local rivers are not getting much attention lately. I don't blame anyone either for not fishing.

On a brighter note, if you are willing to deal with smokey conditions the fishing has been very good overall. Smoke is like a false cloud cover and seems to improve dry fly fishing. That and less angling traffic can make for some decent fishing. September is always a good month around here as kids are back in school, the inner tuber hatch dwindles, nights get a little longer and temps cool off a bit. My biggest tip for fishing right now is don't be asleep at the wheel. Meaning fish have seen plenty of bugs, real and fake, by this time of season. They will give you one shot, make 'em count!

We've got your late summer bugs and advice, swing by and say hi!

- Sean Visintainer