Photo of the Week

Sean Visintainer - 04/05/16

Salmon Fly by Michael Visintainer


Welcome to our first "Photo of the Week" post here at the Silver Bow Fly Shop. I thought it might be fun to share some of my brother Mike's photography here weekly to everyone that may not follow the shop, or him, on social media where his photos are posted regularly. The neat this about this platform is that we can add some info about the photograph like why we chose it, maybe something educational about the picture, tips, or just something inspirational to get you off the couch this weekend. The photos we choose may not necessarily pertain to the current season, they are just a photo that intrigued us to write about it.

Information about the photo -

This week's photos is of a stonefly. The species of stonefly isn't really the reason why I chose it, I chose it because it is the that pivotal time of the season where water conditions have warmed up enough for the bug hatches to really start ramping up. For the last couple weeks the stoneflies (skwalas, nemouras) have been buzzing around and the trout have been keying in on them in a big way. If you have some foam with legs on the end of your line, odds are you will get some interest in it. I was recently fishing with some buddies on the St. Joe, skwalas were main bugs on the list that day, and we discussed how this time of the year was such a fun time to be on the water. Starting now it's stonefly season, and who doesn't slapping 1-2" dry flies on the water and watching trout slurp them in with reckless abandon?