Photo of the Week #23

Sean Visintainer - 06/07/16

Marble Creek by Michael Visintainer

Small stream solitude

This time of the year many anglers including myself start to get the itch for smaller waters and a little solitude. Tributaries to the North Idaho Streams like the NF Coeur d'Alene, St. Joe and western Montana rivers such as the Clark Fork offer numerous small stream options. No, I'm not gunna name them all... I might get shot :) But a good map and a little research and you can figure them out no problem.

Small tributary streams like the featured Photo of the Week often see substantially less pressure. While you may not always catch huge fish in these small streams it's a matter of perspective. Often times a 12-14" fish can be "trophy" on a little creek that is filled with 6-8" fish. If you are dry fly enthusiast these little tributaries rarely see artificial flies so fish are more eager to pounce on a floating fly, even if it is not perfectly presented, a great place to take a kid or someone new to the sport. Get the map, look for the little blue lines, and do some exploring, I don't think you will be disappointed!