Photo of the Week #22

Sean Visintainer - 06/04/16

Winston Microspey by Michael Visintainer

Reach out and touch someone

Spey and switch rods have changed the way many anglers fish larger rivers such as the Spokane. These rods allow you cover water with very little room needed for a back cast. If not zero room. Spey casting seems like an intimidating way to fish, however, newer lines and shorter rods have made it quite easy to learn and enjoy. This weeks photo of the week was fun shot that reminds how beneficial spey or switch rods can be when fishing larger rivers like the Spokane. Often times we find ourselves swinging flies here whether it's caddis pupa or streamers, and the newer lightweight spey/switch rods are perfect for covering the water with either tactic. If you are interested in learning more give us a call to book a lesson, it will really change your game!