Photo of the Week #21

Sean Visintainer - 05/28/16

Brown Trout by Michael Visintainer

Tag 'em and bag 'em!

This weeks photo of the week from Michael Visintainer reminds me of how catch and release practices have not only improved fisheries, but tackle as well. Anglers are more and more conscious of taking care of fish these days, which is a good thing I feel like. With policies like catch and release and more awareness to properly handle fish, you now have rubber net bags that have substantially improved the safe landing of trout or other species. When dipped in the water, the bags are are super slick and reduce the removal of the fishes' protective slime. They also keep fish from twisting up in the bag, which reduces time wasted untangling fish, stress, etc. The newer rubber net bags make it easier to remove flies from the bag too. Hooks don't get stuck in rubber and tippets can be unwound with ease. All-in-all easier on the fish and you.