Photo of the Week #18

Sean Visintainer - 05/08/16

Green Drake the supermodel of flies by Michael Visintainer

The supermodel of flies

There is something about drake mayfly hatches that gets fish all riled up to eat on the surface. Whether it is the emerger stage or the adults, when a drake hatch occurs you better be prepared. This photo from Mike Visintainer is of a Green Drake resting on a Winston BIIIx rod from the NF Fork of the Coeur d'Alene. Green drakes and green rods... about as good as it gets.

Recently on the NF Coeur d'Alene and the St. Joe we have had a variety of drakes hatches... greens, grays, and browns. While sometime as long as you have a larger profile mayfly (adult or emerger) you are probably in the game. However, I have seen some pickiness from time to time where you better have the right color and size otherwise you are S.O.L. If you are fortunate enough to get some fishing in lately, or the next couple weeks, hopefully you can hit a drake hatch, as it can be one of the best of the year.