Photo of the Week #16

Sean Visintainer - 04/22/16

Crab Creek by Michael Visintainer

Crab Creek

Fly fishing for some is a solitary sport, for others it's about fishing with friends. That's one of the neat aspects to the sport, it really is whatever you want to make of it. This week's photo of the week is a shot from Crab Creek in Eastern Washington. The angler doing the fishing is long time Silver Bow guide and fish catching machine Josh Seaton. The other angler keeping a steady eye on the drift is Silver Bow guide manager Bo Brand. Josh spent many years guiding Crab Creek on a private lease stretch. While Josh has moved on from the guide, he is finding more time to spend on the water with friends and family.

Crab Creek is a very long small stream that starts just West of Spokane and flows all the way to the Columbia River near Vantage, WA. While the stream may not boast the numbers of fish that small spring fed creeks of Montana have, it does offer some decent fishing relatively close to Spokane. Most fish are smaller redbands in the 8-14" range with the occasional beast in the upper teens. There are some browns in the creek, but are mostly found on private stretches that few have access to. Summer months and Fall can be rough on Crab Creek due to lack of water and warmer temps. The best time of the year is the late winter months and through spring when flows are up temps are still comfortable. Sometimes when our other streams like the Coeur d'Alene and St. Joe are blown out, Crab Creek can be a nice back up plan. Or at least a change of pace.