Photo of the Week #15

Sean Visintainer - 04/13/16

Salmon Fly by Michael Visintainer

Brown Trout

This weeks photo of the week is a sweet black and white of a Montana brown trout. The brown in this particular photo fell for large salmonfly last year on the Big Hole River near Divide, MT. The reason why this photo drew my attention to it the most while sifting through dozens of images is two reasons. The first is that the black spotting on browns is so distinct compared to other trout species that when the image is converted to black and white you can still tell without a doubt the fish is a brown. They really have some neat, unique spotting. So unique we identified a brown we caught several times, yet years apart. That story here.

The second reason I chose the photo is that while we have some brown trout fishing around the Spokane Region, you really need to travel into other areas like Montana to experience rivers that are full of browns. Streams like the Big Hole, Missouri, Rock Creek, Madison, etc, have very healthy populations of browns. Not that I am knocking our local rivers, trust me I LOVE our rivers, it's just fun to tangle into browns on a more frequent basis... and hey, if they happen to be in Big Sky country then all the more reason for fun road trip.