Outcast Striker Raft Demo for Sale

Sean Visintainer - 08/11/20

Outcast Striker 2 Man Raft


We have our shop demo Outcast Striker Raft for sale down at the Silver Bow. We purchased this 2 man "sneaky" raft this spring with the idea of using it a few times to test it out, then sell it once we got a feel for it. I know rough job right?!

All of us at the shop were all able to take this fun, ultra light raft out for a spin and loved how we could easily carry it into places normal rafts / drift boats couldn't go... and we didn't even need a trailer! It fits in the back of many pickup trucks!

The Outcast Stiker is super nimble and easy to row. We fished it down the NF Coeur d'Alene River as well as the Spokane River. Both at higher river levels and lower river levels. Where this little raft really accels is the small to mid sized rivers, shallow water and harder to reach places.

This boat comes with the upgraded Cataract KBO graphite oars. Anyone that has rowed a boat knows that oars make a big difference, these guys are super light and very comfortable to row.

Let us know if you would like to snag this great deal on the raft with upgraded oars. Just an FYI... Outcast is OUT OF STOCK of these boats until late fall! Now is your chance to get one!


Boat Price - $2799.00
Boat Price with KBO Oars/Blades Upgrade - $3215.00

Boat Demo Package Price - $2899.00

utcast Striker 2 Man Raft

utcast Striker 2 Man Raft