Outcast OSG Striker Raft Available

Sean Visintainer - 01/11/22

The Outcast Striker two person fishing raft sold in Spokane, Washington at the Silver Bow Fly Shop.

To boldly go where no angler has gone before.


Imagine yourself here...

The Outcast Stiker can help make it possible this season! These 2 person rafts are extremely hard to come by and we have 1 in-stock right now! We literally have waited a year to get it due to supply chain issues.

The Outcast Striker is super fun, packs down very small, weighs only 102lbs, and is great on a variety of rivers, including hard to access waters where a bigger raft (or trailer) can’t go!

What's really neat about this particular raft is the somewhat frameless design. You have a couple sets of crossbars and a pair of oar towers, that's it! The crossbars and oar towers are quickly removed and the boat can be deflated and rolled up to pack into an SUV, van, truck, etc, no need for a trailer!

$3349 with Standard Oars ( + $459 Upgraded Cataract KBO oars / Mini Cutthroat Blades )

No need for formal boat launches with the Outcast Striker fishing raft.

Cataract KBO Oar Shafts and Mini Cutthroat Blades

KBO Shafts feature the patented filament wound fiberglass/carbon fiber design as other Cataract® Oars shafts in a smaller diameter for kick boats and small watercraft. Shaft diameter is 1-5/8" with rope wrap. An innovative thumb notch on the end of the rubber-cushioned handles gives you superior orientation of your blade while keeping your eyes on what lies ahead.

Cutthroat Blades - Asymmetrical shape is especially popular with fishermen maneuvering in streams when water is low, and the fishing is good.