Outcast 136 DD Raft Package - Sale

Sean Visintainer - 09/01/22

Outcast 136 DD Raft Package

Get it while we got it!

This Outcast 136DD raft NEEDS a new home! Bo graciously took his own time to set up the frame/raft for folks to look at. The floor is laced in too which saves an extra $250 if you were to have had it done at the factory... and hours of time!

We would like to see this boat go to a good home and so Bo can get some room back in his garage... that being said it is on sale for $1000 OFF!

  • Regular Price: $8440
  • Sale Price: $7440
  • Includes: 136 DD Raft, NRS fishing frame, 3 Cataract oars and blades, Tornado 30-35lb Anchor, K200 pump, anchor rope

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