Spokane River Video Report

Sean Visintainer - 11/07/17

Fishing the Spokane River.

Snow days

I don't know where fall went. One day it was nice and then next it's cold, snowy, and feels like January. That's alright though, the Spokane River is our best cold weather fishery. Warmer water temps thanks to the aquifer and top spill dams from Lake Coeur d'Alene keep the river flowing ice free all fall and winter long. Plus it's minutes from home so you can spend less time driving and more time fishing the warm part of the day.

Late fall hatches have consisted of bwo's (blue winged olive mayflies), midges, and even fall caddis on the warmer days. The fish in the river have been really keyed in on the blue wings and while they get pretty snotty about them they can be caught. Long, fine leaders and flawless drifts will up your odds. If you are lucky enough to hit the river right and find feeding fish have a game plan. Watch the rise forms, determine if the trout is sitting stationary or moving and in what direction. Is he feeding on emergers or adults? Consider these things and plan your attack accordingly. You may only get one or two out of a pod, but it can be a fun and rewarding way to fish the Spokane River.

Slower seams and pools are becoming key as we approach winter. Whether you are nymphing double nymph rigs, streamer fishing, or head hunting finding the right water is critical to success. Too fast and you are fishing in no-man's land, medium to slow currents are your friend.

Don't like foul weather? That's too bad, the fish don't mind. Sunday's snow storm brought on great bwo and midge fishing. Dress accordingly and give it a shot. You'd be surprised if you layer correctly how fun a couple hours of fishing can be in a snow storm. Trust me.