New Fly Tying Classes

Sean Visintainer - 01/01/13

New Fly Tying Classes.

This winter I decided to add some new fly tying classes with some very talented fly tying instructors. For this winters line up I brought on Wayne Jordan and Dave Dana.

Wayne (aka Wayne from Maine) is a local water enthusiast who fishes our local watersheds at least once a week and has developed numerous flies for our local fisheries. Wayne's patient teaching style and knowledge of local fisheries will help you to become a better fly tyer when tying flies for this region.

Wayne's Classes

  1. January 16 - Stillwater Flies
  2. January 30 - NW's Top Producing Nymphs
  3. February 20 - Streamer Flies

In my 18 plus years of fly fishing I have never met someone so obsessed and dedicated to warmwater species as Dave Dana. Dave is a mad scientist when it comes to flies for bass, carp, and muskie. His innovative patterns will dominate the warmwater fisheries around the region.

Dave's Class

Call the shop 509-924-9998 or swing by to sign up... space will be limited!